Hello Roomservice?

It’s me, Eloise.


We are happily holed up at the InterContinental Hotel here in Abu Dhabi for our last days here. The movers came and packed up 61 boxes earlier in the week. And when I say boxes, I mean any furniture or whatever we are shipping was custom-made a box and packed up. It was quite amazing to watch these guys make cardboard origami to accommodate odd-shaped furniture.

This has been a good segue to leaving for us. The lobby full of Christmas decorations and a huge gingerbread house is a great distraction to what is going on in our lives. That’s not to say there hasn’t been tears, there have been plenty, but access to the Club Level for tea time and scones with clotted cream go a long way.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, a half day with teacher conferences and then goodbyes to everyone at GEMS. Last Thursday at the Christmas Concert, our principal Jay was thanking all of the teachers for their hard work to make it an enjoyable show. When he finished with them he said he had one last person to thank. I was completely unprepared to be called up in front of the entire school and parents to receive a lovely bouquet of flowers and a painting of camels on silk by a local artist. It was all I could do to squeak out a few words of thanks and how much we will miss everyone without bawling. We will miss this school terribly, it has been such a wonderful place for our kids to get their start.


That will be all for now, thank you very much, and charge it please.


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