It’s Groundhog Day

I can’t believe I am sitting here procrastinating over a move again. Seriously, August 2008 was yesterday and I was dragging my feet on doing the inventory and counting all of our junk. And here we are again, 4 years 4 months later and it is the same story. Well, not exactly. To my credit the inventory is done and sent off along with the US Customs forms for all of our goods. However, somehow in this time we went from under 1000 lbs being shipped to now somewhere around 4500 lbs….Wonder how that happened? The movers will be here on Sunday to pack and Monday to load. We will move into a hotel on Sunday as our beds will be gone. So we finish where we started. Back at a hotel, a little anxious about what comes next.

We’ve been busy with school stuff and meeting up with friends to say “see you again sometime, somewhere”. It was the National Day Holiday over the weekend, the UAE turned 41!


We had fun celebrations at school, at the hospital, everywhere! We also went to Dubai for the day to spend a wonderful day with Laura, Francesco, Bianca, and Fillipo. It was so nice to have the whole day with them and make plans to see them again, in Italy! Then on Saturday night we went with a caravan of probably 20 cars out to the desert to watch the sun go down and relax. It was perfect, there were kids running everywhere and we got to catch up and say good bye to the French-Canadian contingency. I will miss the desert! The rest of the weekend was spent organizing, throwing out and laying around.

The next 9 days will be a blur. A teary blur. Stay tuned for some picture posts.

Oh yes, 1 more thing: someone passed their yellow belt test in karate yesterday.


Shoot, he’s cute.



2 thoughts on “It’s Groundhog Day

  1. Wow! You’ve literally accumulated “a ton” of stuff in 4 years! Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible the next few weeks. We can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. Over the years I have so enjoyed reading about all that your family has done. I’m sure you will have lots of tears as you leave to come back home. Bless you all and have a safe trip.

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