eight is great!

Another year, another birthday for Sweet Amelia. Can you believe that this is the 5th birthday that she has celebrated in Abu Dhabi. That means that she has had more here than there. Funny how that happened. Time flies when you are having fun.

But, Eight is a big year. Amelia started talking about her birthday and party before we left Cleveland this summer, my girl was psyched. But, as we drew closer she got on a kick about how she didn’t really want to get older. How seven was a great age and she wanted to stay there. What was I going to do? I had to help her get excited about turning a year older and the only thing that came to mind was the party. That now that she was eight, she could have a more sophisticated birthday party. The idea seemed to pep her up. Let the brainstorming begin! We talked and by-passed ice skating, bowling, slumber party (thank the good lord), and ended up oooooonnnnn Spa Party. Jon had to be out-of-town for a good friend’s wedding in Vancouver, so I would be on my own. This left the perfect opportunity for a select group of girls doing something very fancy. We talked about going out to lunch and the spa, but bless my sweet girl she said she only wanted my cooking, and only wanted her favorite meal. Behold! Tacos & Tips n’ Toes was born!
Amelia chose 3 of her little friends who came over for a lunch of tacos, some fun crafts and play, and then onto the spa for mani/pedis!

Gabby, Olivia, Amina, and Amelia

So, if it is a Spa Party, then there HAS to be a spa cake, right?

This is where the story takes a slightly unfortunate turn. Just after blowing out her candles, Amelia looks at me and says she wants to go lie down. Oh no. Her stomach is bothering her. So, I suggest we cancel the rest of the party and make it up later, no problem! Nope, that brings a very sad little girl. So, I load all 4 girls up (Amelia is looking quite gray at this point) and head to the salon. They are all picking out their colors and getting their mani/pedis; happy, happy, happy. Amelia turning green-ish.  Then looking up at me before bending over and, shall we say, giving her taco lunch back. Thankfully there was a trash can literally right there. Amelia has never once hit the toilet while sick, but that big girl did not get a speck outside of that trash can. Here’s to being 8! She felt MUCH better after that and enjoyed her french manicured fingers and blue toes!

She woke up the next morning on her actual Birthday, mad at me because she had to go to school, but then we skyped with Chincha and Pop pop, opened a couple of presents and decided it would be alright to head in. I brought cupcakes to her class and then after school her soccer team had an inter league game and she came this close to scoring a goal.

Does anyone see an extra player that looks a little different from the rest?

How about now?

They asked Charlie to sub-in for an absent player and he was happy to oblige.

We headed home where Amelia was very excited to learn that her presents were all hidden and they had to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Some of her favorite gifts included; a microscope kit, Monopoly. a paint by number set, legos, books, and some clothes.

After skyping and talking with more family, and finally Daddy in Vancouver it was time for bed. And as Amelia settled into bed that night, she confided in me that being eight isn’t so bad, she could read all of the clues for the present hunt on her own! I explained to her that little did she know, that was only the beginning of a great year.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Amelia’s birthday, but gosh I love those kids!


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