Settling in

Well, we’re in our third week of school already. Time flies when you’re having fun? We are getting into the rhythm, which has changed from last year because now BOTH kids have homework. Every night. I believe homework is actually more work for me than it is for my kids. Sitting at the table with one on either side of me (what do you do if you have more than two???) working on spelling, reading,  and counting by 10s, creating a routine. Almost every day there is an after school activity for Amelia or Charlie, but never for both on the same day! But, they are happy and first reports coming in from their teachers are very good, both in knowledge retention from last year and social interactions. Phew, I love it when we settle in.

On the weekends we have decided to go pure ex-pat this year and get a “time-share” in a boat. A boat, can you believe it? The Mary is not so glamorous but she gets us out on the open water and takes us to a mangrove island where we can swim around and explore. Right now we are mostly in the water the whole time due to the extreme temperatures, but give it another month and we’ll be bee-bopping around to find and explore new places.

Our fearless captain

the water is not that green, it is the filter on hipstamatic

It gets us out of the house for a few hours on Saturday morning. We usually take another family along so that the kids can run around  together and the parents can soak and enjoy this treat that will always be Abu Dhabi to me.


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